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Consumer loans in Spain, the most expensive in Europe

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Consumer loans are a resource that can be used to finance the purchase of goods -such as furniture, a car, appliances, clothing, fashion accessories- or simply go on vacation. Economic scenario in Spain In Spain, and following the trend of recovery of economic activity, there has been growth in the operations of this financial modality. […]

Repayment Schedule of a Loan

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When we are going to ask for a loan, we usually pay attention to the interests and commissions that it has, but we probably do not know of the existence of the amortization table . The loan amortization table is simply an amortization table in which we can see the evolution of our debt over […]

Difference between online loans and lines of credit

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When is it convenient to borrow online ? From the point of view of financial actions, there are concepts that are different and that, however, are confused in the collective imagination in a very usual way. This is the case, for example, of the terms online loans and credits. How to differentiate between online loans […]

What documentation do I need for an online loan?

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The so-called online banking has an objective, and it is fulfilling it a lot: to lose as much as possible the requirements for access to its credits. In this article, the analysis of how this has been applied to the necessary documentation for the granting of an online loan. Online loan documentation You must be […]

Do you have the profile to request an online loan?

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The number of requests for quick loans online , as well as the companies in the financial sector that provide these aids, have increased exponentially over the last decade; the reason, Internet. The factors that influence are exactly identical to the known advantages of this service, such as the speed and simplicity of the process. […]

Save, but choose the currency correctly

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        Everyone endeavors to allocate a small amount of money available to them if needed. However, a very important question arises, and it is in what currency it is advisable to save. The answer is a little complicated because it can not be unambiguous. If the euro is currently considered the most […]