Repayment Schedule of a Loan

When we are going to ask for a loan, we usually pay attention to the interests and commissions that it has, but we probably do not know of the existence of the amortization table .

The loan amortization table is simply an amortization table in which we can see the evolution of our debt over time.

We can say that this table is like a bank loan calculator in which the borrowed capital is detailed, the interest we must pay and the repayment term, that is, the time in which we must repay the loan.

The loan amortization table , in Spain, is calculated using the French method, which consists in paying, during the loan repayment period, the same monthly payment. Of course, it should be noted that the longer we take to repay our debt, the higher the cost of the loan, since we are paying interest for a longer time.


The amortization table can help you in several ways:

  1. Viewing the monthly payment fee
  2. Making decisions

The first advantage that the amortization table offers you is that you will be able to see before applying for any loan, the fee that you will have to pay for the borrowed money, the interest of the loan that has the requested money, and the time it will take to return the requested loan , that is, the repayment term.

So the second advantage comes alone … it helps you make unanticipated decisions, leaving you to compare among a multitude of offers so you can decide which one best suits you.

Therefore, before “taking the bull by the horns” gives a couple of capotazos, because the amortization of loans is a way to make good decisions that will save you a lot of money.