Your € 300 loan available in 15 minutes!

Are you looking for good mini – credit companies? So, I’m sure you’re interested in the information we bring about Gandalf . We have prepared the most complete guide about this mini – credit company. And we can advance something: It’s EXCELLENT. Let’s go there!

Who is behind this entity? Is Gandalf legit?

Definitely! It is a company belonging to the Leadsor group, acting as intermediaries between agents who need money and companies dedicated to lending it. Their service consists of adapting what some seek to what others offer.

It is distinguished by working with the most reliable credit companies in the world . They operate in several countries in Asia, Europe and America. Several years offering credits to measure for the client endorse them.

Its great feature to highlight is its search engine . And is that his idea is not to operate as a small web of mini-credits without more. Their service consists in obtaining the information of what type of credit the client is looking for and offering the one that best suits their needs. To do this, compare the available credits in a lot of companies.

Their endorsement is that they work only with solid companies and with sufficient background in the sector . That is, they not only adapt the credit to your specific needs, they also filter to select only reliable companies.

This is what is known as filtering guarantee. Based on your specifications they guarantee you 100% the safest option and with the most favorable conditions. In addition, it will do so instantaneously.

The point that undoubtedly makes you should evaluate Gandalf as an option is that they turn over the tortilla. Instead of you being the one who has to spend several hours in front of the computer evaluating among thousands of options, they do the work for you. You fill out a simple form and Gandalf finds you the best offer.

We can say that, in principle, you can choose Gandalf without any problem . Customers usually make a very positive assessment. Above all, those who have already tried other services and have the possibility to compare.

The Gandalf mini- loan

Now that we have seen that the entity is reliable, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the microcredit. We are sure that they will surprise you! They are the following:

  • Between € 10 and € 300: Gandalf offers the possibility to request between € 10 and € 300. This complies with what we can expect from a microcredit platform. Small amounts to solve emergencies. The minimum of € 10 draws attention, although it is not very requested, it is available as an option.
  • Term from 1 to 30 days: In order to fulfill its promises to adapt to what the client seeks (within certain parameters), they allow us to decide how much we want the return period to go up.
  • Annual rate or TAE: Gandalf evaluates the market and looks for the option that best fits what we want. Therefore, the interest rate to pay will depend on the credit company (and the amount and term). Keep in mind that some companies offer the first free credit.
  • The use of the Gandalf service is free: Using the Gandalf platform does not entail any cost to you. The search engine will find the best option for what you want for free.
  • The extension of the return period depends on the company: Gandalf works as a help tool. It is not who decides whether the term can be extended or not. This will depend on the conditions stipulated by the corresponding credit company.
  • The refund before the expiration also depends on the company: Like the extension of the term, the early return depends on the credit company that is behind the option that you have selected among those offered by Gandalf.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As is logical, to apply for the microloan, it is imperative that you meet some requirements. The requirements of this entity to qualify for the microcredit are the following:

  • Being a Spanish citizen or resident: That is, you need to have a National Identity Document (DNI) or, if applicable, the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). This is common for all credit companies.
  • Be between 18 and 75 years old: All credit companies request that you are at least of legal age (some even ask you to be over 21). There is also an upper limit, although this is something that can lead to debate, is common in the sector. It is likely that in the coming times change.
  • Have a bank account: As is logical, you must have a bank account in your name in which you can make the deposit of the requested loan.
  • Filling out the application does not force you to do anything: Even if you fill out the application form, you are not required to accept any of the offers. You can regret if nothing convinces you or change your mind before confirming an offer.
  • It is not necessary to have payroll: The concept of minicréditos, is that anyone can access them. Even if you do not have payroll you can request it. That is, it is open to the unemployed or students, for example.
  • You do not have to give explanations: Faced with the detailed explanations that are necessary in other types of credits, request a mini credit by Gandalf, it exempts you from explaining why you need the money.
  • You can apply for the credit, even if you have others in progress: Gandalf offers you the possibility of obtaining an additional mini-credit to the ones you already have. While it is taken into account when it comes to see which companies are best for you, it is perfectly compatible.
  • What if I have a negative credit history? In that case, Gandalf, does not prevent us from making our request and having access to our mini-credit. In fact, it is not taken into account in your application.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Having already seen the requirements to qualify for the mini-credit, let’s see what is the procedure for obtaining it. As you can see, it is a process without any complications:

  1. Define what you are looking for: First, you must decide the amount you want and the return period that best suits you. All this taking into account the parameters set by the platform: between € 10 and € 300, and between 1 and 30 days. In addition, you must fill out a form with personal information.
  2. Gandalf offers the best options: A couple of seconds after completing our application, based on the characteristics of the credit we are looking for, Gandalf offers us those that best adapt.
  3. Confirmation: After selecting the option that suits us, we must confirm the conditions. Once confirmed, we will receive the money in a few minutes in the bank account that we have provided.

Customer reviews of their microloans

If we take a look at the opinions of users of the Gandalf platform, we see that they are mostly positive. They have very defined what is the added value they bring to the customer and this is noticeable, and very much, when reading their opinions.

The opinion that more times we will find has a common variable. Gandalf saves something very valuable: time . Avoid that we lose hours and hours comparing the different options to see which suits us more. This is what your users like the most. It is perhaps its greatest differential value.

Another positive opinion that we can usually read is your selection criteria : Gandalf only works with credit companies that are solid and have a proven guarantee . This provides reassurance and helps us to be more secure throughout the process.

And this point is especially important. We do not have to be experts to request a mini-credit of 150 euros. However, there is a lot of difference between companies in the sector. It is very useful for experienced people to filter and collect only those safe and secure options.

Finally, as a negative criticism we can highlight the most common one regarding these services: the interest rate. While it may be that it was considered high, it must be understood that mini-credits, as is logical, have an APR greater than a credit. And that this will depend on the credit company, not directly from Gandalf . Gandalf acts as an intermediary.

In short, Gandalf is shown as a serious and reliable option , based on what those who once used it believe. The time it saves and the ability to adapt market offers to what we are looking for, is what stands out the most.